1 of 300 Steyr AUG A3AW (Alpine Warfare) 556 Green STG77 Special Forces 3X Optic AUG MAGS

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Originally designed for the austere conditions of the Alps, the STG77 has served with the Austrian military since its adoption in 1977. The STG77’s original 1.5x integral optic was groundbreaking as most military rifles of the time were issued with iron-sights. While technology has advanced, the Austrian armed forces have stuck with an integral optic for its durability and ease of maintenance.

        For the first time in years, Steyr Arms USA is offering a very limited run of STG receivers (no short side rail). These receivers have been coupled with the newly developed and issued AUG 3x 60mm SF Mildot optic. The SF 3x is the latest in the longline of AUG integral optics. Designed for extended combat in the Alpine environments of central Europe, the SF 3x is constructed for 70 series aluminum and sports a simple but precise adjustment system for absolute reliability in adverse conditions. With two additional QD sling points, detachable picatinny rails, optional riser, and additional side rail, the SF 3x has been optimized for this limited-run STG receiver.


Accepts AUG waffle mags.



Categories: Semi Auto Rifles
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Steyr Arms
Model: STG77
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UPC: 688218823323
Vendor: Gunprime
Reviews (5)
By Darin on 06/26/24
This thing is a beauty

I have zero complaints. The AUG has been a stellar made firearm for over 40 years. This model is complete and will be rare soon. I highly recommend you picking one up. It’s so choice.

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By Mike on 04/10/24

This is my 5th aug. It is fantastic. I don’t shoot my other bullpups anymore. After years and a lot of money I’ve learned the aug is the best, for me. I’ve had and have just about all the US available bullpups except shotguns. The aug should be top 3 for any avid Bullpup gunner.

This particular model is pretty awesome. Very clean lines, accurate, and will take over the A1’s abuse from here on out.

By D on 03/15/24
Really Nice AUG Package

I wanted something a little different than your standard AUG with extended rail and no optic, so this package really fit the bill. Definitely like the aesthetic of the AUG without the receiver-mounted short rail, and the new SF optic is a great upgrade.

Also wanted to give a big shoutout to Gunprime - great communication and they got this shipped out in record time! I was really surprised at how quickly they got it out the door.

By J Kap on 02/29/24
An amazing weapon

Had it only a short time, but so nice owning the real deal after owning a USR and an MSAR. The quality of the fit and finish were superb, the scope is excellent. So glad I was able to get one of these historic rifles!

By Cs on 01/27/24
It's an AUG!

Overall this thing is a beauty! Came ready to go out the box, no assembly required. Would recomend this over the standard Aug.

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